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What are the hidden costs of a DUI?

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If you see the flashing lights of a police vehicle in your rearview mirror, you understand that the officer is trying to pull you over. There is a reason for this, and it may be because he or she suspects you of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. There are certain behaviors that could indicate intoxication, including swerving between lanes, driving at erratic rates of speed and more. After you stop, you may have to submit to sobriety tests and blood alcohol tests. 

The traffic stop is only the first step of the DUI process. If arrested and charged, you could be facing a range of penalties that could include everything from expensive fines to time behind bars. Additionally, you may also face repercussions that could impact your life in other ways. It is important not to overlook the possible effects of a drunk driving arrest in Hawaii but to act quickly to protect your future interests through a thoughtfully prepared defense strategy. 

The far-reaching impact of a drunk driving conviction 

A DUI is much more than just an inconvenience in your life. It will affect you in ways that you may not even expect. If convicted of this type of criminal offense, you could potentially face the typical penalties associated with this crime, including time behind bars, expensive fines and more. A DUI can also come with a steep price tag, and you may find that it could cost you because of the following: 

  • Administrative penalties 
  • Cost of mandated alcohol treatment program 
  • Cost of court and attorney fees 
  • Cost of ignition interlock device installation 
  • Cost of paying for rides during license suspension 
  • Cost of reinstating the license 

Additionally, you may find that a DUI costs you in other ways, such as loss of scholarships, loss of job opportunities and a permanent mark on your record. It is important not to overlook the severity of what you are up against. 

Seeking the best outcome to your case 

When charged with a DUI, you would be wise to take your situation seriously. You will need a strong defense strategy that allows you to confront the case against you, defend your rights and seek the best possible outcome to your individual situation. After an arrest, you do not want to lose any time in seeking an understanding of the specific legal options available to you.