Aggressive Defense Against DUI And Traffic Charges

The most effective DUI defense strategy for your case

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It can be incredibly intimidating to see the flashing lights of a police vehicle in your rearview window. Once you pull over, you know that you will have to speak with the officer, perhaps submit to field sobriety tests and maybe take a breath test. If the officer arrests you for suspected drunk driving, you are facing a range of penalties that could affect the rest of your life. You will benefit from knowing about the various defense options available to you.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to fighting a drunk driving charge. As you consider your defense options, you will benefit from taking into account all of the details of your individual situation and your goals. This will provide you with the insight necessary to confront the case against you and fight for your future.

Fighting for your future interests

When facing DUI charges in Hawaii, your future is on the line. If convicted of this type of criminal offense, you could be facing penalties that may include time behind bars, expensive fines, loss of driving privileges and more. It is critical that you take your situation seriously, developing a strategy that allows you to defend against the allegations brought by the prosecution. Some of the most common DUI defense strategies include:

  • The officer administered the field sobriety test or chemical test improperly.
  • There were no grounds for law enforcement to make the original traffic stop.
  • The Breathalyzer test was not accurate or improperly calibrated.
  • There was an issue with the chain of custody for the blood sample.
  • A rising blood alcohol concentration led to inaccurate BAC test results.

A careful assessment of the traffic stop, your interaction with police, the tests administered during the stop and more will help you understand the defense options you have. You have the right to challenge any element of the evidence against you.

You don’t have to fight alone

Even if it is your first offense, it is not easy to fight back against a DUI charge alone. You may find it helpful to seek guidance as soon as possible regarding how you can protect your interests and shield your personal freedom. By employing a properly prepared defense strategy, you may be able to confront the case against you and mitigate some of the penalties you are up against.