Aggressive Defense Against DUI And Traffic Charges

Our DUI Defense Practice

Whether you live and work in Hawaii, or are here on vacation, if you are charged with DUI, there are serious consequences if you are convicted of the offense. You need to know exactly what you are up against, and need to have an experienced law firm on your side to help you protect your future.

At The Law Office of R. Patrick McPherson, we are here to help you build the strongest defense possible to DUI charges. We are led by R. Patrick McPherson, who is Honolulu’s most recognized DUI defense attorney. Patrick has been featured in a number of news stories, and has been actively involved in the creation of Hawaii’s DUI laws. Patrick, along with the rest of our experienced team, are prepared to help you clear your name.

Don’t Let Your DUI Change Your Life Forever

This is not as bad as it may seem at first. Even if you think there is nothing that you can do to fight back against these charges. Once we have a chance to review your case, we explain how we can take action to help make your situation better. As part of our DUI practice, there are many different aspects of your case that we can help with, including:

  • Answering your questions about the DUI process
  • Helping you evaluate your options when pursuing a resolution to your case
  • Challenging any evidence that may have been unlawfully obtained by law enforcement
  • Working with the prosecutors to reduce or dismiss certain charges
  • Representing you inside the courtroom if your case goes to trial

While the majority of cases that we handle involve alcohol-related driving offenses, know that we are also experienced defending against drug DUI cases, including driving under the influence of marijuana. We know the methods used by law enforcement to gather evidence in drug DUI cases, and understand how to effectively challenge that evidence on your behalf.

Get The Representation You Need To Protect Your Driving Privileges

To speak to our lawyers about your DUI case in a free consultation, call our office at 808-797-3618 or send us an email. We represent clients throughout Oahu who have been charged with DUI or have received a traffic ticket. For the convenience of our clients, we speak Spanish and Ilocano. Discounts available to military members.