Aggressive Defense Against DUI And Traffic Charges

Do I Really Need To Hire An Attorney To Fight My DUI Charge?

At The Law Office of R. Patrick McPherson , in Honolulu, Hawaii, many motorists reach out to us after being charged with driving under the influence. These charges carry strong penalties, and people often have no idea what they need to do to aggressively fight back against these charges.

A large number of people who contact our firm have never been in trouble before, and they want to know why it is necessary to hire an attorney to represent them in a DUI case. They want to know more about what we can do to protect their rights and driving privileges. We wanted to take a few moments to discuss why it is so important to have our experienced defense attorneys looking out for you throughout your case.

You do not know what the future holds.

Whether you are just starting out in your career or have been working at the same job for decades, you really don’t know what is going to happen in the future. You may decide to switch jobs or pursue work in a field that requires you to have a clean driving record as a condition of employment. You may have a security clearance that could be revoked if convicted of a crime.

No matter what your particular situation may be, you have to be ready to aggressively fight back any time that you are faced with alcohol-related driving offenses. We can review your case to determine the potential that a conviction may have upon your livelihood, and explain the measures that we can take to present an aggressive defense on your behalf. We have extensive experience challenging DUI evidence, and we are ready to protect your future.

There are consequences to a DUI conviction that you may not realize.

You probably know that a DUI brings high fines, increased insurance costs and possible jail time. In Hawaii, a conviction may also result in an ignition interlock device being installed in your vehicle, and you will be responsible for the installation and monitoring costs that go along with this device.

In addition to these penalties, there is also the social stigma that accompanies a DUI conviction. If you are a parent, imagine having to blow into the ignition interlock system to start your vehicle with your child’s friends in the car. It is embarrassing. It puts you in a very difficult position and makes things much more difficult for everyone around you.

Every case adds up.

Even a first offense DUI will drastically change your life. A repeat offender faces even tougher penalties. You could lose your license for a much longer period of time. You might receive a longer jail sentence. You could become uninsurable, or, if you are fortunate enough to find a company willing to offer you a policy, your monthly payments could make it impossible for you to make ends meet. From the very beginning of your case, we are looking for opportunities to reduce the consequences that you could be facing.

How Can We Help?

We know that you might be afraid to talk about your case. At our firm, we are committed to helping good people fight back against DUI charges. To arrange a free consultation with one of our lawyers, please call 808-797-3618 or send us an email. We are in court nearly every single day on behalf of our clients. For your convenience, we speak Spanish and Ilocano. Discounts available to military members.