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A DUI conviction could have an impact on your professional career

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Many people get so worried about jail time associated with a driving under the influence (DUI) charge in Hawaii that they overlook other issues. There are a host of potential consequences that can result from impaired driving charges.

Losing your license to drive is a serious concern, as is the potential for large fines. Those who work in positions of trust or who hold professional licenses may also find that a conviction could have an impact on their professional career.

Understanding the ways in which a DUI charge can impact your job and professional future can help you determine the best way to move forward regarding pending charges.

When you can’t drive, you might end up late to work often

A lot of people in Hawaii live close enough to where they work, so a vehicle isn’t necessary. However, many other professionals need to drive in order to perform their jobs. Losing your license as an administrative consequence of a DUI conviction can mean that you become reliant on alternate modes of transportation to get to work.

Taxis and ride-sharing services are very expensive, while public transportation options may not reach your destination or have reliable service. Even if your loved ones offer to drive you, the inconvenience of depending on another person constantly can cause other issues, including strain on that relationship. Obviously, it is a much better outcome to avoid losing your license in the first place. To do that, however, you need to develop a strong defense to the pending DUI charges.

Sometimes, criminal convictions can affect professional licensing

Many different professionals, from medical staff like nurses and doctors to teachers, receive licensing from the state before they can legally do their jobs. Losing that licensing can mean an inability to continue doing the job for which that professional went to school. If you drive as part of your job, you may lose your endorsements or right to operate a commercial vehicle if you wind up convicted of a DUI offense.

While a DUI is not inherently cause for loss of professional licensing, it may be grounds for an administrative hearing in some cases. Losing your professional license could mean losing your income. You may even have to continue paying back student loans for the degree in a field that you can no longer work in.

Accepting a plea bargain related to a DUI offense could ensure that you don’t go to jail, but it may not protect you from the social and professional fallout. Anyone in Hawaii facing DUI charges should explore all of their options before deciding how to handle those pending charges.