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What happens if you get a DUI while in the military?

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Drunk driving can come with a range of penalties that can impact the rest of a person’s life. A driver convicted of this type of criminal offense could find himself or herself facing consequences that may include time behind bars, expensive fines and much more. It will also leave a permanent mark on a person’s criminal record, which can impact future job opportunities and more. If you are in the military, you could face additional or different consequences.

It is important to understand the potential impact of the charges you are facing, particularly if you are in the military. You will benefit from knowing how to protect yourself and what you can do if you face charges for this type of crime. Not only is your personal freedom at stake, but your career, reputation and future opportunities are as well.

Military DUI versus civilian DUI

Servicemembers in any branch of the military would be wise to remember that they are subject to the drunk driving laws of the state in which they are currently serving. Some of the specific repercussions of a DUI and case procedure will depend on where you were driving at the time of your arrest. Consider the following:

  • If you got a DUI while driving off base, you may be subject to both criminal and administrative penalties from the state. This might include jail time, suspension of your license, required alcohol treatment and more. You might also face charges from the military.
  • If you got a DUI while driving on base or on a military installation, you will face charges from the military. While you will not face civilian criminal penalties, you could still face civilian administrative penalties.

The military penalties for a DUI are harsh. They may include a court martial, reduction in rank, non-judicial punishments, letter of reprimand, revocation of driving privileges and more.

Your best defense

Facing DUI charges in Hawaii is a serious threat to your future, regardless of whether you are in the military or a civilian. If you are concerned about how these charges could affect your future or your career in the military, you may benefit from speaking with a legal professional regarding your options. With an appropriately prepared defense strategy, you may be able to confront the drunk driving charges against you and seek a beneficial outcome.