Aggressive Defense Against DUI And Traffic Charges

Violating speed limits can lead to significant penalties

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Honolulu is an amazing location with beautiful views, a fantastic tourist scene and so much more to offer. Unfortunately, with all these amazing things to do, there are also plenty of opportunities for people to drink alcohol.

You probably know that a DUI can be costly and lead to significant penalties, but did you know that you could face enhanced charges if you’re speeding at the time?

What constitutes excessive speeding?

Excessive speeding is a citation that you could face if you’re traveling 30 mph or more over the stated speed limit. It may also be used against you if you are traveling at 80 mph or more regardless of the local speed limit.

What penalties can you face for excessive speed?

On its own, excessive speed is a petty misdemeanor. The sentencing is straightforward. If you speed excessively, you can be:

  • Fined between $500 and $1,000
  • Charged a surcharge of $25 that will go to a neurotrauma special fund set up by the state
  • Forced to give up your license for 30 days
  • Forbidden from driving for 15 days but given a conditional license for work-related purposes for the remaining 15 days
  • Forced to go to driving school for retaining purposes
  • Required to perform 36 hours of community service
  • Required to spend 48 hours to five days in prison/jail
  • Charged a surcharge of $100 for the trauma system special fund if the court chooses to fine you

All of the above are penalties that you could face the first time you offend. If you have previously offended, then the penalties are much more significant. Fines rise to $750 at a minimum, and you can lose your license for 30 days on an absolute prohibition. You may end up having to spend 120 hours completing community service and spend up to 14 days in prison.

When combined with other charges, like a DUI charge, you could see even more significant penalties, such as heavier fines, a longer loss of your license and time spent imprisoned.

What should you do if you’re stopped for speeding excessively or being under the influence of alcohol?

If you have been stopped for speeding and drinking and driving, it’s important that you know your legal rights as well as taking the time to familiarize yourself with the potential penalties. Your attorney can work with you to build a defense, so you can minimize the damage to your reputation as well as minimizing the potential penalties.