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Traffic offenses you can avoid if you keep yourself focused

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It’s only human to want to get where you are going a little faster on the road, but this leads to all kinds of problems and difficulties from a legal perspective. When you’re rushed, you are tempted to commit all manner of traffic violations, including tailgating, speeding and running red lights or stop signs.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common traffic offenses to avoid committing by keeping your wits about you while driving.

Road rage and aggressive, reckless driving

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), aggressive and angry drivers pose one of the most serious threats on the road. Road rage causes people to do things they never would have dreamed of doing that endanger themselves and other passengers and drivers. Remember to count to 10 when you start to get angry. This will help keep you safer and avoid getting a ticket for reckless driving.

Distracted driving

Police in Hawaii are aware of the many texters and smartphone users out there on the road. They have new technology to detect if someone has been texting while driving. They also have laws to back them up, and many motorists in Hawaii are being ticketed for smartphone-related violations. Avoid these tickets — and the dangers of smartphone usage while driving — by keeping your phone turned off and out of reach.


You’re in a rush just like everybody else out there. Being late, however, can lead to pushing the speed limit. Everybody has driven a few miles over the limit, thinking that it’s close enough to the limit that police will not pull them over. However, what happens when you get comfortable with that? Pretty soon, speeding becomes a slippery slope and you’re driving 10 and 20 miles over the limit. This can lead to high-cost tickets and even an arrest. Stay calm. It’s okay if you’re a little late. It’s better to be late than endangering yourself and others on the road.

Do you want to fight your traffic ticket?

Hawaii police officers are so accustomed to drivers simply rolling over and accepting their traffic tickets that they might not do their due diligence to gather the appropriate evidence to convict you of the violation. By fighting your traffic ticket, you might be able to prove that you are in fact innocent of the alleged violation.