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There is more than one type of reckless driving

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Reckless driving is every bit as serious as it sounds. There are two primary reasons for this:

  • When you act in a reckless manner it increases the likelihood of an accident
  • The penalties for reckless driving can be serious, including a heavy fine and the loss of license

As a driver, it’s important that you understand the rules of the road. Furthermore, it’s critical that you follow these rules at all times.

Most states have laws in place to address reckless driving. There are many types of reckless driving, with the following among the most common:

  • Driving 25 mph or more over the speed limit (such as 80 mph in a 55 mph zone)
  • Illegally racing another vehicle
  • Making an attempt to elude a police officer
  • Illegally passing another vehicle on a two lane highway

In some cases, a person commits more than one act of reckless driving at the same time. For example, it’s possible to drive in excess of 25 mph of the speed limit in an attempt to make an illegal passing maneuver on a two lane highway.

Due to the seriousness of reckless driving, a conviction is something you want to avoid. If convicted, penalties can range from a fine to a loss of license to incarceration.

Since there is a lot of gray area when it comes to reckless driving, you need to understand your legal rights and the steps to take after receiving a traffic citation.

There is a lot to think about during this time, and it would be in your best interest to prepare for your time in court. Knowing your legal rights and implementing a sound defense strategy will work in your favor.