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R. Patrick McPherson offers the foremost DUI defense lawyers in Honolulu, HI, providing strong and knowledgeable defense. In fact, Mr. McPherson's expertise includes being the state delegate to the National College for DUI Defense, which is an organization that is dedicated to protecting the rights of people accused of this crime. He was a member of Governor Linda Lingle's Ignition Interlock Task Force. This select group supported changes to the law which enabled drivers with revoked licenses to obtain ignition interlock devices. These devices allowed them to continue to drive and support their families. We know these matters are important to you and your family and will treat it as such.


Have you been charged with a DUI but don't know where to turn? Since 1996, our law office has provided thousands of clients with superior legal representation for DUIs, traffic offenses and criminal cases. We have experience with having charges reduced for our clients to lesser offenses or even dismissed in some cases. If you need legal advice or representation, please call R. Patrick McPherson at 808-537-5600 for a free consultation.


Did you know that if you are arrested for drunk driving that you may lose your driver's license? If you are convicted of a DUI, you could lose your job and car insurance. If you have been arrested for a crime you need to protect your rights. Here at the legal office of R. Patrick McPherson, we have 20 years of expertise and a reputation for being the leading  traffic defense and DUI defense lawyers in Honolulu, HI. Choose the best attorney that Hawaii has to offer, choose R. Patrick McPherson. 


One of the first firms to help educate and advocate for DWI court and treatment

The Honolulu DWI Court Program was founded in 2013 to address an increase in fatal vehicle crashes involving drivers under the influence of alcohol. The goal of the DWI Court Program is for participants to attain sobriety through a comprehensive, court-regulated, treatment plan that provides intervention support for non-violent offenders.

Entry into the DWI Court Program is voluntary, and requires each participant to go through a screening process and enter a no contest or guilty plea before admission. Rehabilitation is coordinated by a DWI Court Case Manager, and includes alcohol monitoring, individual and group counseling, and regular attendance to self-help meetings. In addition to treatment, participants are required to make regular court appearances before the presiding District Court Judge for evaluation. Each participant’s sentence is stayed pending compliance and successful completion of the DWI Court Program, which is a minimum of one year.

The DWI Court program serves participants by providing them with a gateway to resources for recovery, in turn reducing recidivism and increasing public safety.

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